Numworx is a Numworx Solutions product. We develop and implement online mathematics education platforms for various groups of clients. In addition to many educational institutions, educational publishers also use Numworx Solutions’ services.

White label licences: pure flexibility

We supply licenses for Numworx software. These allow you to integrate Numworx functionality seamlessly into your mathematics teaching products. Various licensing models are available.

Implementation: plan and execution

We prepare the Numworx integration into your systems and operational organisation and provide project management and support for your integration project. With our experience in education, we have extensive expertise in connecting to existing teaching systems.

Read more about the integration of Numworx components.

Tailored products: functionality and content

Do you need a specific functionality which is not available in the standard package? Or do you have ideas for content which you cannot create with your own staff and resources? Numworx Solutions can develop tailored functionality especially for you, while our educational designers can create content specifically suited to your mathematics teaching method.

Cloud hosting: problem-free production

We offer total support for your Numworx-based environment wherever necessary. We ensure that this is available as arranged in a Service Level Agreement. You no longer need to worry about the technical aspects. And we have support staff ready for teachers, authors and IT workers. Our support extends as far as your needs.